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Jessica Geleration

Jessica Geleration Soak off Gel Polish is a unique gel in a bottle, with patent-pending technology which comes under the category of Jessica Treatments. This Gel is applied like a polish with the durable strength of a gel. Available in 50 of JESSICA’s bestselling Custom Colours. Geleration lasts for more than 3 weeks without chipping, peeling, or fading and is easily removed in minutes.


Please note the following are needed to perform a soak-off gel manicure:

  • Jessica Sanitizer Spray
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • Prepping File 100/180 grit.
  • Foam Buffer.
  • Jessica Nail Brush
  • Geleration Clarify Nail Cleanser
  • Nail Primer
  • START Soak-off Base
  • FINISH Soak-off Sealer
  • Phenomen Cuticle Oil
  • Jessica Hand & Body Emulsion
  • To Remover it: Jessica Soak-Off Polish Remover
  • Jessica LED Lamps
  • Jessica Geleration Glitter Colors
  • Jessica GELeration Kits

GELeration Essentials Kit includes the key products to perform a GELeration manicure or pedicure. Self-leveling formulas bond to the natural nail while maintaining the ultimate flexibility. Easy to apply and simple to remove, GELeration manicures won’t chip, peel, fade and will last for three-to-four weeks.


START Soak-Off Base Gel creates optimum adhesion and gives nails a natural look with a thin durable coating that allows nails to maintain flexibility. FINISH will seal your GELeration Polish to a smooth finish leaving a high gloss shine that will not dull or fade overtime and protects it from chipping or peeling.

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